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Having Sex Games Feels Like Having Real Sex

The new generation of HTML5 brought a major change in the world of porn. Before the innovation in graphics and gaming engines of the past couple of years, the only way of enjoying interactive porn experiences on the web was on webcam sex sites, where you had to pay a small fortune for the undivided attention of a model in a private chat session. Well, you now have new xxx games which feel more interactive and real than sex chat with a bored-out chick who spends eight hours a day in her chat room.

If you’ve never experienced the interactive porn play of the new HTML5 generation, you can do so on Having Sex Games, a new site filled with sex emulators ready for browser play on any device. We come with a massive variety of virtual sluts and kinks, which can be customized to satisfy your fantasies in great detail. The realism of the characters in our collection is baffling. There are titles in which the action is all about sex and some sims in which you will get to interact with babes before fucking them. And besides sex simulators, we also offer a community experience that will get you even more invested in our site. Let’s take a closer look at the kink details of our collection and the technical aspects of our platform.

Having Sex Games Brings You Realistic Virtual Sex Partners

One of the main criteria for selection, when we put together this collection, was graphics. We looked for games with anatomically correct and detailed characters that will offer you the sensation you’re watching a porn movie. We also looked for games that will give you a lot of liberty when it comes to controlling the sex play. It’s not just point-and-click with these titles. You will actively have to fuck these bitches until you please them or until you make them cry. Your avatar’s orgasm only comes after fucking the babes, well. But you can also kick back and have them service your cock if you’re tired.

To make the action even more real, some of these games have an AI-driven sound engine, which will match the moaning with the kink and intensity of the action. Some titles on Having Sex Games even throw in dirty talking or begging from the girls when you fuck them too hard. Almost all our sims will let you choose or customize the chick you’re fucking. But some come with customization menus that can be compared to what you get in mainstream games such as Skyrim or Sims. You can even customize outfits and accessories, hairstyle and pubes, tits shapes, and detailed facial traits. You’ll be a God creating an Eve for himself out of nothing and then fucking her into oblivion.

A Virtual Brothel Open To Everyone

When we created this site, we knew we could only draw players by making the games as accessible as possible. From the moment land on the Having Sex Games homepage to when you’ll be actively fucking in a game, visitors spend less than a minute on our site. That’s because we efficiently present the games through thumbnails and descriptions, and the browsing is intuitive. Everything loads fast, and there won’t be any requirement for registration or for allowing our site to send you notifications. Even the ads are fair and do not get in your way. We only have GIF banners here, with no pop-ups or video ads.

We also implemented a series of community features that will help players of our site interact, share their feedback and ask for recommendations or simply enjoy naughty company online. We have the rating buttons, which can only be used after playing at least 5 minutes in a game so that we won’t be having porn games inaccurately ranked. The comments are great for feedback on the games and interacting with others. But the best way of feeling the community experience is in our forum, where we have threads for kinks, games, erotica, porn stars, and more. Soon, you’ll also be able to post pictures, GIFs and videos in the forum of Having Sex Games.

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